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Our strength comes from our experience of working on some of the most important infrastructure projects undertaken in this country including HS1, Crossrail, Thameslink Borough Viaduct & London Bridge Station Improvements, the Glasgow M74 Completion, A46 Newark to Widmerpool, Bexhill to Hastings Link Road, East Kent Access Road, the 2012 Olympic Park, Kings Cross Regeneration, Hinkley Point C New Nuclear Power Station, and the Milford Haven to Tirley Pipeline, South Wales.

All three companies have significant experience of working in partnership to deliver challenging projects across the UK, and we have also demonstrated our ability to work in partnership with each other: for example, OA-PCA is in its sixth year, during which we have worked on three significant projects including the Thameslink Programme, where fieldwork has been completed and the post-excavation process is well underway. CA-PCA has recently published its monograph on the results of excavations at the Broadmead Expansion Project in Bristol. OCA (Oxford Archaeology -Cotswold Archaeology) is currently working on a 10ha site on the outskirts of Thame.

Project Contract 254

Client: Crossrail Ltd

Project: Contract 254 – Western Section Archaeology/Publication of Buildings and Railway Heritage for entire project

Contractor: Oxford Archaeology – Rambol

Task: Multi-disciplinary task including works designs, building recording, evaluation, excavation, watching briefs, public outreach and publications

Outcomes: OA in conjunction with their partner for Crossrail (Ramboll UK) provided a range of services to Crossrail Ltd. The work culminated in the production of three monographs and journal publications which will be complete within the project timespan

Project: Thameslink Borough Viaduct and London Bridge Improvement Works

Client: Network Rail

Project: Thameslink Borough Viaduct and London Bridge Improvement Works

Contractor: Oxford Archaeology – Pre-Construct Archaeology

Task: To undertake the archaeological investigations at Borough Market and under London Bridge Station to enable the construction of the new Thameslink Borough Market Viaduct, including deeply stratified Roman, Medieval and Post-Medieval sites

Outcomes: The preparation of large numbers of technical reports, involvement in public archaeological events, and the production of a monograph series on the project results

Project Hinkley Point C (Somerset) Nuclear Power Station

Client: EDF Energy

Project: Hinkley Point C (Somerset) Nuclear Power Station

Contractor: Cotswold Archaeology

Task: Extensive programme of archaeological evaluation (trial trenching) for inclusion within the Environmental Statement. Large scale recording project of sites identified during the evaluation, and rapid reaction to new discoveries made during groundworks

Outcomes: Successful compliance with rigorous health and safety and security requirements, and completion of recording work to deadlines. Participation in public outreach programmes, including production of films

Project: The London 2012 Olympic and Paralympics Park

Client: Olympic Delivery Authority

Project: The London 2012 Olympic and Paralympics Park

Contractor: Pre-Construct Archaeology – Museum of London Archaeology Service

Task: Undertaking geoarchaeological, building and landscape surveys and 140 set piece excavations across the 2.5 square-kilometre park area

Outcomes: The understanding of a complete urban landscape from the prehistoric periods through to its 19th century industrialisation and use during the Second World War for the defence of London. Production of detailed technical reports

Project: HS1

Client: Union Railways Ltd

Project: HS1

Contractor: Oxford Archaeology

Task: Principal heritage consulting during planning stage and main archaeological contractor during all subsequent phases

Outcomes: Input to Environmental Statement and completion of major archaeological excavations. National press coverage and popular booklets produced for launch events. 200 digital research reports supported full publication of the overall results

Project: A46 Newark to Widmerpool (Nottinghamshire) Road Scheme

Client: Balfour Beatty and Highways Agency

Project: A46 Newark to Widmerpool (Nottinghamshire) Road Scheme

Contractor: Cotswold Archaeology – Wessex Archaeology

Task: Major programme of archaeological recording in tandem with construction works

Outcomes: Archaeological works on route not previously available for prior evaluation completed to time and within budget. Production of popular and detailed technical reports